Quality Policy Statement

All employees of 3Y Power Technology, Inc. are guided by our Quality Policy in all decisions and actions on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide the following:

  • A product, service, or solution which meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.
  • Highly motivated Sales, Engineering, and Quality teams that ensure total customer satisfaction.
  • A trustworthy and ethical work environment that provides long-term employment, development, and growth for all employees.
  • Continuous improvement in all that we do.

The management of 3Y Power Technology, Inc. realizes that success in the future depends upon achieving these goals by:

  • Promoting a work ethic which is predicated upon safety and quality first.
  • Promoting “Engineering Excellence” via the usage of the best engineering and design practices and processes.
  • Providing all employees with the training and tools necessary to perform their job in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Providing the necessary resources and personal support required for successful implementation of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and Quality Objectives. As well as maintaining the ISO14001 Environmental standard certification.
3Y Power Technology, Inc. will not compromise the integrity of our products in an attempt to satisfy short-term goals. We are committed to long-term growth, profitability and employment of our personnel and will achieve this utilizing a business approach that takes into account the needs of all our stakeholders (e.g., employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and the environment) and which encompasses an attitude of “Quality First.”
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